More than $90,000 in cash has been stolen from tourists to Ireland last year, the Irish Independent reports.

The figures come from the Irish Tourist Assistance Service (ITAS), a charitable service that assists tourists who fall victim to crime. In 2014, the organization helped 726 people who were the victims of crime while visiting Ireland. Most people are referred to the organization by the police.

Of the cases ITAS encountered last year, 95 percent were reports of theft, with 213 ‘thefts from persons’ and 48 thefts from cars. Eight tourists were victims of violent crimes while vacationing in Ireland.

Dublin city center was the most common place to fall victim to a crime - with the most common time between 2pm and 6pm.

ITAS also assists people who have lost passports or other travel documents.

There have been a number of notable assaults on tourists in Dublin in the past few years.

In 2014, two German tourists were assaulted on a busy Dublin street during the St Patrick's Day celebrations by a gang of youths. 

This year, a Welsh tourist was attacked with a glass bottle just two hours after arriving in the city. Dafydd Hughes, 45, was waiting to board a tour bus on O’Connell Street when he was viciously assaulted by an intoxicated man. Hughes suffered serious injuries to his scalp. His two children witnessed the incident, which occurred in broad daylight.

In another incident, an American couple visiting Swords Castle with an 80-year-old grandmother, were violently assaulted by a group of people.

Former Lord Mayor Christy Burke, who signed off on the ITAS report while still in the Mansion House, commended the work of the organization's volunteers.

"Despite our best efforts, we still have too many incidents of visitors falling victim to crime and physical attack while visiting our city," he said.