For the most part Ireland is a safe country and certainly one that women should consider visiting by themselves. However, females should still exercise some caution.

Unfortunately Ireland has its share of crazy people, unpleasant men and aggressive drunks but have no fear, it’s still a great place to go on vacation.

Here are helpful tips for ladies to keep in mind if they’re traveling to Ireland all alone:

Don’t be fooled

Although Ireland might seem lush, green, relaxed and gentle do not be fooled. Crime in Ireland is a real problem.  However don’t be paranoid either.

Overall the risk of traveling in Ireland is comparative to Middle-European countries, the US or Canada but remember don’t let the thatched cottages and Aran jumpers fool you.

Avoid getting drunk

Of course it’s fine to go out and enjoy a couple of delicious pints in the pub and have some “craic” with the locals but avoid getting blotto.

If you get really drunk you are defenseless and you leave yourself open to having your drinks spiked or being taken advantage of.

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Dealing with Irish men

It might be all pints, banter and good times at the bar but sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of unwanted attention from Irish men.

If you are by yourself you should prepare yourself for this. You will get chatted up in bars and if you don’t find the young chap desirable or you want to leave their company, they quite often don’t take this bruising of the ego too well.

They’re not all God’s gift no matter what they think!

The Irish and sex

The sexual revolution may have bypassed Ireland during the 70s, but Begod they’re making up for it now. Unfortunately not everyone in Ireland is as concerned with sexual education and hygiene as you would hope.

Our advice is to protect yourself and be forearmed. Bring your own condoms. They’re expensive in Ireland and often unavailable after hours.

“No” means “No”

Whether you’re being harassed by a barman, unwanted admirer or a “chugger” (charity mugger) on the street remember to be clear and forceful, and to explain yourself clearly.

If someone is being rude match their rudeness. Obviously don’t make the situation worse but just make your point and walk away. Do not be polite for the sake of it.

Don’t put yourself in danger

If someone offers to show you a “short cut”, offers to bring you to a house party outside town, or offers you a lift on a dark street, you should turn and walk away.

Avoid getting yourself into situations where you are isolated.

Although Ireland is a relatively safe place to be there are still lunatics out there.


If you sense that a situation is taking a turn for the worse or that a situation is turning violent. Do not stick around or attempt to fight back. Just run.

Also think about where you’re running. Run in a “safe” direction to a bouncer, barman, into a crowd or even to the nearest front door of a house.

Avoid running down empty streets or in the shadows. Run in the middle of the road if necessary.
Make others aware that you are feeling threatened.

If you find yourself cornered by a crazy person don’t try any fancy business. A short, sharp, kick to the testicles should do the trick and then RUN!

For police assistance dial 112.

Deaths in Ireland

In the last few years there have been tourists who have died while visiting Ireland. Many were traffic fatalities but two were young women travelling by themselves in Ireland.

Sadly the Central Statistics Office in Ireland has recorded that from 2009 to 2010 the number of sexual offenses reported in Ireland rose by 60 percent. However, you must also consider that a large amount of this figure is related to domestic and spousal abuse.

Be aware but not paranoid. Pay attention as you would in any new country.

Source GoIreland


Top ten tips for a woman travelling alone in Ireland