Who are the people dead or alive you’d like a pint of Guinness with?

1. W.B. Yeats

The older I get the more incredible a poet he seems. He’d probably be obscure and drive me nuts but I’d love to get a window into his genius

2. Stephen Hawkins

He seems to know something about this earth and why we’re here that no one else can explain.Though I couldn’t understand a word of his books I’d still love to meet him.’’

3. Steve Jobs

Sure he has passed, but what a one of a kind genius. Dropped acid, dropped out and returned as the greatest mind in Silicon Valley

4. Mary Magdalene

Just to learn the truth about her and that Jesus fellow and lay the whole thing to rest, like.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Jack, Bobby, Frank Sinatra, tell us the whole story Norma Jean, baby.

6. JFK

Because he was the brightest light in my young life, a hero to all Irish.

7. Emily Dickinson

Incredible poet, I mean, “I felt a funeral in my brain.” How do you match that line, love.

8. Maureen O’Hara

So what were John Wayne, John Ford, Bogart, etc really like?

9. Abe Lincoln

How did he have the courage to persevere when this country was headed for a split and endless war. Pull up a chair honest Abe and let me pour you a good one.

10. John Lennon

All that beautiful anger and talent. And please, a few bars of ‘Jealous Guy.’ No Yoko though.