The sixth annual Irish Redhead Convention took place this weekend in Crosshaven, Co Cork.

The celebration of all things ginger included carrot-tossing, ginger speed-dating, freckle counting, a ginger parade, certificates of genuine foxiness, and the coronation of the Redhead King and Queen.

Redheads from all over Ireland and further afield attended the convention, which kicked off with ‘red-gistration,’ the Irish Independent reports.

The event also included a red-head darts competition, a ‘red crawl’ pub crawl through Crosshaven, and musical performances from red-head acts, such as Ginger Nutz, The Baby Cheeses, and Judette.

Gráinne Keenan from Fermoy, Co Cork, was named Queen of the Redheads, and Alan Reidy, from Blennerville, Co Kerry, was named king.

The event, which was started by Joleen Cronin and her brother Denis, is also a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society, with 20 percent of all ticket sales going to the organization.

"It started six years ago; we were thinking of novel ways to celebrate my brother's birthday," said Cronin.

"This thought of having a party and only inviting people with red hair got tossed around and we thought let's keep this going,” she said.

"We made it very fun and friendly and very open for families."

VIDEO: Crowning glory for ginger head man at Redhead Convention

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She said the event has grown steadily each year. Last year, over 2,000 people attended the festival.

"It's amazing to be surrounded by so many redheads again. You're walking around the village and half the people here have red hair – it's off the scale!" she said.

"It's a small town so we wouldn't want it getting much bigger.

She added: “It is about celebrating our culture and Ireland and red hair which is so iconic of Ireland too.”

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