Dublin Airport tweeted an amazing photo of the Northern Lights taken from an Aer Lingus flight traveling from Boston to Dublin. 

The stunning photo was taken by passenger Tam Mullen earlier this month.

Dublin Airport tweeted the photo, saying: "The aurora this morning mid Atlantic flying Aer Lingus from Boston Logan to Dublin Airport via TamMullen."

The aurora this morning mid Atlantic flying @AerLingus from @BostonLogan to @DublinAirport via @TamMullen. #aurora pic.twitter.com/qyC0Ttc24A

— Dublin Airport (@DublinAirport) January 15, 2016

The Irish Mirror explained that an ‘aurora’ is a natural light display in the sky caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetically charged particles with the atmosphere.

While the Northern Lights are more commonly seen in Scandinavia, they can also be visible in the UK and Ireland during violent solar explosions.