Ever dreamed of owning a traditional Irish thatched cottage? Then this beautiful cottage in County Roscommon might be for you.

With spectacular views of the Arigna Valley in Roscommon, this renovated, two-bedroom cottage is like a step into Ireland's past. 

The cottage has been modernized in keeping with the original design and features a huge stone fireplace in its center. 

DNG Cregg O'Callaghan is selling the property and it is on the market for just €99,000. 

The cottage is secluded in the middle of the Arigna Valley, around two hours from Dublin, and is perfect for anyone who fancies a quieter life or a holiday in Ireland to remember. 

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The cottage boasts a huge back garden; ideal for any gardening enthusiasts or families with young kids looking for a few moments of peace. 

There is also a large decking area fit for a barbeque or garden party, or for simply lounging outside on a hot summer's day.  

Inside, there is a master bedroom and a loft above the kitchen, which consists of a stone floor - common in most Irish cottages. 

The kitchen-come-dining-room features an assortment of mismatched furniture that will evoke memories of rural Ireland. 

There is also a newly-designed granny flat adjacent to the cottage with a twin bedroom and an ensuite. The extra space is perfect for large families or for anyone who wants to invite guests to stay with them. 

All told, the house is perfect for anyone who fancies some authentic and private time in the Irish countryside. There is a homely and cozy feel to the place and the surrounding views are nothing short of spectacular. 

Check out the listing here. 

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