The hastag #Limerickandproud went viral earlier this week as a local politician spurred the city into action following a TV documentary on the crime in the area. The responses were beautiful and touching.

Local Fine Gael councillor Daniel Butler tweeted started the hashtag following the airing of a TV3 documentary on the crime in Limerick City. His call to action saw #Limerickandproud trending on Ireland’s Twitter with hours.

Among the aspects highlighted in the thousands of tweets was the success of the year-long position as City of Culture, Limerick’s sporting and cultural heritage, and the great work done by volunteers.

Analysis done by Nigel Dugdale for the Limerick City Centre account shows that over 1,500 tweets were sent by 349 contributors over a ten hour period. The @limerickcitybiz account had 1.2m impressions alone and the hashtag is still going strong.

Here are just some of the more colorful and heartwarming tweets:

For the cool spots @StormyTeacup_LK @cobblestonerock @LimeTreeTheatre @_TheBlindPig_ @TheMilkMarket #LimerickAndProud

— John Loftus (@loftysnds) January 6, 2015

George's St, Limerick City, 1880 (NLI) #LimerickAndProud

— Old Ireland Pictures (@OldIrelandPics) January 6, 2015

I love this city with every ounce of my being. Nothing or no one can change that. #LimerickandProud

— Diarmuid Greene (@Diarmuid_G) January 6, 2015

Views like these everyday. #LimerickAndProud

— John (@irishhooligan) January 6, 2015

Our Love. Our Life. Our City #LimerickAndProud

— Kamal Ibrahim (@Kamal_Official) January 6, 2015

Took this picture one summer morning on break from the bakery around 6am, it reminds me I'm #LimerickAndProud

— DamoS (@felix85) January 6, 2015

#LimerickAndProud Limerick and Loving it!

— Darren Ryan (@DarrenRyanPhoto) January 6, 2015