Did you hear the one about the tourist in Ireland who asked the information center in Cork where the leprechaun forest was?

This is just one of the silliest questions tourists asked in Ireland for 2009.

You couldn't make this stuff up!

According to Hotels.com, the following questions are the silliest that Irish tourist centers reported tourists asking in 2009.

Tourist Information center in Cork:
• “Where is the leprechaun forest?”
• “Do you have St Patrick’s day here in Ireland as well?”
• “Do you guys ever say top of the morning to you?”

Tourist Information center in Kerry:
• “I can't believe you have cellphones (mobile phones) over here!”
• “Why don't you take dollars?”
• “Does everyone speak English in this office?”

Tourist Information center in Galway:
• “Where are the mother of all cliffs?” (Referring to the Cliffs of Moher)
• “Where can I find myself a leepreeshaun?” (Referring to a Leprechaun)

It's not just Ireland which attracts daft questions from visitors. Hotels.com reports the following questions being asked across Europe.

Tourist Information center in London:
• “Can you tell me why they built Windsor Castle on the Heathrow flight path?”

Tourist Information center in East of England:
• “Where do we find houses with straw hats?”

Tourist Information center in Rome:
• “Sorry, what time are the chariot races in the Colosseum?”
• “When do the gladiators start fighting in the Colosseum?”

Questions asked in The Netherlands
• “Where can I find this cow village?” (Pointing to a picture of a cow on a map)
• “Where can I find a bra, cup size G?”

Tourist Information center in Paris:
• “What is the difference between Paris and the rest of France?”
• “Where can one find the Lady with the smile?” (Referring to the Mona Lisa)