Ireland has been voted the top vacation destination of 2011 by Frommer’s global poll.
According to one third of the guide users (those who took the poll) Ireland is their number one holiday choice for 2011. It narrowly beat Paris, the “City of Lights” as the reader’s favorite.
The 7,300 voters also said Egypt, Hawaii, Australia, Italy, Greece, Alaska, New Zealand and Germany were on the cards for their vacations in 2011.
David Lytle, Frommer's editorial said told the Irish Independent “Ireland has always been a very popular destination for our readers. There are people who go there again, and again and again."
"It's a storybook destination for people and it's very accessible."
According to the voters Ireland’s landscape, ancient attractions and overall beauty are their main reasons for wanting to visit.
One voter commented “I love being out in the country, rambling around, exploring megalithic sites, having tea in small shops."
Another said “Beer, castles, lush landscapes, small enough to explore via bicycle or car."
Also the strong U.S. dollar, and therefore the reduction in the price of food and lodgings, was mentioned as a reason for picking now to visit.
Unfortunately Ireland didn’t make it on to the “Top Destinations list for 2011” which is chosen by the editors and writer. The area of Kent, in England came in at number one on their list followed by Stockholm, Sweden and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.