An island famous for its impressive natural beauty, friendly people, U2, and whiskey, Ireland needs to be on every traveler’s bucket list.

A land with a turmoil-filled past, it remains a top tourist destination with some of the most amazing sights in the world.

Visiting a new country can often be confusing for a visitor. Trying to figure out what to see or miss, where to eat, how to travel locally, everything takes time and a little patience; very much like starting anything new, be it riding a bike or playing slots online for the first time. Ireland has a lot to offer, and one trip isn’t enough to appreciate everything it has got. Whether it is Belfast, idyllic swimming spots on the coast of Ireland, or the best pubs and distilleries to visit, visitors are truly spoilt for choice. The following few places stand out for having particularly impressive characteristics, so make it a point to check them out.

Dingle Dangle

Cute, colorful houses, quaint pubs, lovely cafes, and scenes that are just extraordinary, Dingle is a seaside town that has a certain simple-world charm to it. When here, take out a day to go far into the ocean for some dolphin spotting or up to Conor Pass for incredible vistas of the astounding land. 

Bet on the Cliffs of Moher

Ireland’s defense against the Atlantic, the Cliffs of Moher have long been a popular tourist destination with impounding and dramatic views. The exciting part about the cliffs is that there is Wi-Fi connectivity here, making it the most idyllic place to sit, watch the ocean, and simultaneously play a few online casino games. Have you tried online scratchcards yet? It doesn’t matter if your answer is a yes or a no because keeping in mind the luck of the Irish, what better place to go ahead and give scratch cards a shot than on the mighty Cliffs of Moher, for some equally mighty profits.

Enjoy a pint in an Irish pub!

Enjoy a pint in an Irish pub!

Dancing Dublin

Going to Ireland and not visiting Dublin is just unacceptable. A city as famous as its residents, there is a hearty mix of activities that travelers can enjoy at all times. No matter where you are in the town, there is a new perspective to Dublin from every angle and corner that is unique. In a way, the diverse variety of excursions available resemble all the different games people can play on online casinos. There’s just so much to enjoy. From the Guinness serving pubs to the architecturally amazing St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the inspirational Writer’s Museum, you’ll be wishing you had more time to explore this diverse capital of the world.  

Casino Cork

One of the best parts of online casinos is that anyone can play them no matter where they are. Your little Irish retreat doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your favorite slots or trying your hand at a game of online blackjack. For someone new, choosing the right casino can take some time, just like picking between Dublin and Cork to keep as the base of your trip. Both cities have different personas and advantages which you should read up on beforehand. As for gaming, it helps to check out Bob Dealer’s reviews of online casinos before you make the final decision. Unlike Dublin, Cork is a lot more laid back with cute cafes and the Cork City Gaol being its top place to visit. Before you head on out to Ireland, do your research and pick your cities and towns as the country has something to fascinate all ages.