A “super pod” of dolphins, an extremely rare sighting, was spotted off the coast of Baltimore, County Cork, in May 2014.

Richard O’Flynn managed to record the amazing natural phenomenon. O’Flynn and his family followed the dolphins throughout the afternoon, from Baltimore Harbour to Cape Clear Island.

The video captures the dolphins “spy-hopping,” breaching the water to have a look around.

Speaking to BreakingNews.ie O’Flynn said “The sun was out, the sea was calm. It was hard to make out where the ocean stopped and the sky began.”

He continued “A super pod of common dolphins were feeding and spy-hopping as far as the eye could see.

"At one stage, there were over 30 alone under the bow of the boat riding the wave. We stayed with the dolphins for two hours and followed them the whole way out to Cape Clear Island.

Dolphins tend to merge into big groups, or pods, like this when there is an abundance of food.
In the past few years there have been numerous sightings of dolphins and humpback whales, as well as minke and fin whales close to the coast.

O’Flynn added “Baltimore is fast becoming the whale and dolphin capital of Ireland.”

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*Originally published May 2014.