For the 15th year the World Ghost Convention will set a spooky mood this Halloween in Cork city.

The 19th century Cork City Gaol is a splendid atmospheric setting for the World Ghost Convention as it has its own resident ghosts which have been seen by members of the audience and speakers since the first Ghost Convention was established in 2001.

Reported sightings of ghosts and spirits are only the tip of the iceberg as many people are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward for fear or not being taken seriously. For this reason, the World Ghost Convention was established to help those who have had supernatural experiences by raising public awareness, highlighting the fact that they are not alone in having such experiences.

Fifteen years on the Cork City Gaol continues to be an ideal location to discuss all thing spooky and spiritual. In fact the Gaol is so eerie that there is a successful ghost tour held there. Their site welcomes visitors to “Listen for the shuffle of the inmates feet in the atmospheric setting of the West Wing” and get “a fascinating insight into day-to-day prison life at a time when the high walls ensured no escape.”

This unique international Ghost Convention provides an ideal opportunity for the many people fascinated with the supernatural to hear a colorful assortment of supernatural topics discussed by a panel of guest speakers from different backgrounds and professions.

In addition, those who have experienced supernatural occurrences have the chance to share their own personal supernatural experiences if they so wish as well as hear first-hand the accounts of others who echo similar experiences.

Among those speaking at the convention is Dr. Margaret Humphreys, from the Folklore & Ethnology Department at University College Cork. She will discuss whether or not family pets possess a finely-tuned sixth sense which allows them paranormal contact with their deceased owners? Many people believe they do. In her lecture, Dr. Humphreys will discuss a range of personal experience narratives and other stories which support the viewpoint that pets do indeed have a psychic connection with the spiritual world.

Jackie Clarke, Paranormal Investigator of the Cork Supernatural Society, will share her fascinating experiences and those of the Cork Supernatural Society team on their exciting journey so far. She will also talk about the locations as well as the evidence that has been gathered to date along with past personal experiences which have led her to investigate haunted sites.

Vicky Antoinette, a Psychic Medium / Healer / Complimentary Therapist, from the Angelic Realms Holistic Centre, in Cork will speak about her own experience in the spirit world. Antoinette’s experiences with spirits began as child but as with many she ignored what she saw and felt. In her late 20s she could no longer ignore what she was experiencing. Vicky will talk about some of her experiences and how the Angelic Realms & Spirit world had different plans for her life than she did, plans she is now very grateful for.

Teresa Collins also a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, and Author, will question where you were before you stepped into your body, before you were born, where were you and who was with you? You lived with other people in other dimensions. Not all those people took a physical body when you did. Some of these spirits are with you now. They are influencing your life in inexplicable ways.

Finally Edwin Flavin, a Shamanic Healer and Reiki Practitioner will get into his first ever experiences with spirit. He will explain his journey of how he learned to channel his sensitivities to the energies to help people and spirit heal holistically. Also, he will discuss how he heals the land and houses from spirit lines and geopathic stress to bring back harmony and balance.

The World Ghost Convention takes place on Friday, Oct 30 at 8pm. For more information visit