The fiery attendees at the Irish Redhead Convention, in Crosshaven, teamed up Hassets’ bakery to beat the Guinness World Record for the amount of cookies baked in one single hour. Amazingly the Cork crowd managed to bake 4,695 fitting ginger nuts.

All proceeds from this Gathering Ireland 2013 event went toward the Irish Cancer Society.

Previously the World Record Academy reports, the most cookies back in one hour was held by a bakery in Ottawa, Canada, in 2011, who managed to reach 1,809.

Another cookie related World Record is held by Oreo, in Argentina, which holds the record for the most Oreo cookies dunked at the same time. They dunked 1,503 cookies.

Back in Cork the Irish Redhead Convention and Hasset’s had 16 bakers on the go. No machinery was used so everything from mixing to piping was done by hand.

The biscuits were then sold with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society.