Dublin is one of the best cities in Europe for bargain lovers, according to new research by Confused.com.

The study uncovers the European hotspots with the best deals for vintage furniture, unique home items, antique jewelry and branded clothing.

Ireland's capital city ranked fourth on the list for its highly-rated flea and street markets, antique stores and outlets.

To reveals the best European cities to find a bargain, researchers created a points-based index system evaluating the volume and quality of markets, antique stores and factory outlets in 51 European countries. They gave each country a bargain index score out of 10. 

Dublin scored 7.63 out of 10 in the bargain hunters index.

The quality of the capital’s factory outlets (4.48/5) scored over 12% higher than London (3.91/5), which ranked eighth on the list. Dublin also has over a quarter (77%) more antique stores than London with 1.13 stores per 100,000 people and offers more variety to bargain hunters, with 24% more flea and street markets (1.13 per 100,000 people).

Copenhagen, Denmark earned the number one spot on the list, with an overall bargain index score of 8.43 out of 10. The Danish capital is home to the third highest-rated antique stores in Europe. It’s also home to the highest-rated markets in the top 10 (4.63/5). 

According to Confused.com, it’s essential that bargain hunters get the right amount of contents insurance when obtaining one-off pieces.

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at Confused.com, said: “When searching for bargains in Europe’s best spots, there is the potential to find high-value items for a fraction of the cost. Despite their discounted price, it’s important to consider the true value of any purchases made in markets, antique stores or outlets. This is to ensure that you have the appropriate cover on your contents insurance policy to protect your valuables."

Here are the top ten European cities for bargain hunters:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Riga, Latvia

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Dublin, Ireland 

5. Budapest, Hungary

6. Oslo, Norway

7. Porto, Portugal

8. London, UK

9. Rome, Italy

10. Helsinki, Finland