A Donegal tour guide is offering customized tours of Ireland for Americans looking to travel to the Emerald Isle. 

John McGroary, a retired police officer and the founder of Walking Ireland, offers visitors the opportunity to highly personalize their tours of Ireland, ensuring that they see Ireland from a local's perspective. 

McGroary told IrishCentral that he virtually meets groups traveling to Ireland months before their trip to map out the kind of visit that best suits their needs, whether it be trekking across Ireland's unspoiled countryside or visiting landmarks generally unexplored by foreign tourists. 

McGroary said he takes a hands-on or hands-off approach depending on the visiting group, adding that some groups simply look for their itinerary to be planned out before making the trip to Ireland, while others seek a guide to take them around the island. 

Visiting groups are never combined, so each group will have its own unique experience of Ireland. 

McGroary, who is a qualified mountain leader, has good knowledge of the island of Ireland, but his expertise naturally lies in the northwest in his native Donegal and the surrounding counties. 

There, McGroary's expertise is second to none; his knowledge of the local myths, legends, and personal histories make his walking tours more than simply admiring some of Donegal's breathtaking natural beauty. 

Some of the walking tours that McGroary offers include treks to the summit of the majestic Sliabh Liag sea cliffs (with regular stops along the way to provide interesting historical tales) and a walk through the spectacular Blue Stack mountain range. 

He also offers engaging tours of Donegal Town and Mount Errigal, the highest summit in the county. 

McGroary also offers airport pick-up for any group arriving in Dublin, allowing him to be available for the duration of an entire trip if required. 

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