Guinness has announced that they plan to build a new city quarter around their historic headquarters at St James’s Gate in Dublin.

12.6 acres are to be set aside that will be renovated into office, residential and commercial buildings – as well as some public spaces too.  

With space at a premium so close to Dublin city center, the firm decided it could afford to free up the land thanks to advances in the technology used in brewing. Quite simply, it can be done in much less space than in times gone by and the company decided it might as well put the extra land to good use.

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Guinness hopes that the new St James’ Gate Quarter will soon become “one of the most dynamic urban quarters in Ireland and Europe.”

“We are committed to a long-term, sustainable future at St James’s Gate and are delighted to be opening streets, creating spaces, and generating opportunity,” Oliver Loomes from the company said at a presentation on the development.

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“We are transforming our centuries-old vat houses, brew houses and cooperages into incredible spaces that will house and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs, residents and visitors, dreamers and doers.”

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