Dun Briste in Co. Mayo proves why we have every right to be incredibly proud of Ireland’s beauty

Beautiful scenery in Ireland is not hard to come by but this absolutely stunning picture of Dun Briste in Co. Mayo has surely made it a top place to visit in Ireland for many Reddit users.

The sea stack made the front page of Reddit as everyone went wild for the absolute enormity of the history of the Earth portrayed in such a simple photo. Entitled “What millions of years looks like in one photo,” Dun Briste (which means “broken fort” as Gaeilge) is shown in all its stratified glory, showing off hundreds of thousands of years in its multicolored rock.

Submitted by The_winner_man, it’s earned 33,838 points since its upload with a super 93% upvotes.

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Dun Briste in Co. Mayo looking magnificent. Image: Reddit.

Dun Briste in Co. Mayo looking magnificent. Image: Reddit.

Once a part of the mainland, the stack broke off right back in 1393 and has been wowing travelers, tourists and locals ever since.

“Just think about it for a sec: Each one of those layers took time to form, to be laid down. Each stratum tells a story about life on our planet from the very first sediments to the deposition of the next layer,” commented one user.

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“And imagine the passage of time as layer by layer was added, and then the time for those layers to become solid sedimentary rock, each the floor of the ocean for some period of time.

“It just blows my mind how vividly deep time is displayed here.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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