Dublin Castle has ranked as #10 in a recent list of the most popular palaces around the globe.

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the unique color palettes of the most popular royal palaces have been revealed. The stunning images are part of a guide that also lists the top 50 most popular royal palaces in the world.

Dublin Castle in Ireland made the top 10 list, which also includes Buckingham Palace in London, Palace of Versailles in France, Mysore Palace in India, and Prague Castle in the Czech Republic.

Designers at Roofing Megastore, a specialist in renovation and building design, created the guide for anyone who'd like to create a royal-inspired interior in their home. Ten key colors and shades from each palace's interior were used to create the royal color palette series. 

According to the color guide, Dublin Castle's color scheme of various greens, ivory, reds, and dark orangey gold could be tricky to pull off in a traditional home but commands elegance in a royal palace. 

Dublin Castle interior color scheme. CREDIT: Roofing Megastore

Dublin Castle interior color scheme. CREDIT: Roofing Megastore

“Ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, we wanted to create the royal palace color palettes to celebrate some of the greatest and most opulent interior designs from around the world," said Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director at Roofing Megastore.

"Although gold features a lot, if you look closely at the color schemes of the world’s most famous palaces, there are also some stunningly beautiful softer and more muted tones. So if you’re keen to create a palatial color scheme in your own home, we hope this will be a great source of inspiration."

To determine the most popular palaces in the world for the guide, researchers analyzed Google search data and hashtag data on Instagram. 

By combining the annual Google search volume for each palace over the past year, with the total number of Instagram hashtags, the researchers created an overall popularity score for hundreds of royal palaces around the world.  

The top 10 most popular palaces in the world are:

1. Buckingham Palace, UK

2. Windsor Castle, UK

3. Kensington Palace, UK

4. Palace of Versailles, France

5. Mysore Palace, India

6. Forbidden City, China

7. Hampton Court Palace, UK

8. Prague Castle, Czech Republic

9. Pitti Palace, Italy

10. Dublin Castle, Ireland

To see the complete list of the top 50 most popular palaces in the world and to see the full color guide click here