Derry in Northern Ireland has been named as one of the best places in the world to see spring flowers bloom.

With the arrival of spring, holiday goers are looking for their next getaway - and what better way to celebrate the warmer days than visiting locations to see the beautiful colors of the spring florals.

With searches for 'spring holidays 2024' increasing by +8,700% in the last 12 months, the travel experts at Planet Cruise have released a new study to determine the top locations around the globe to see the flowers bloom this spring.

Researchers looked at a variety of factors for each destination, including search volume, social media mentions, social media sentiment, number of observed flower species, average amount of sun hours, and average amount of monthly rainfall.

According to the study,  Derry in Northern Ireland ranked ninth as one of the best places to see flowers bloom.

Not only is Derry a beautiful city to visit, but also a top destination for flower lovers who want the ultimate scenery to watch flowers bloom this spring and summertime. 

Researchers named Springhill, a 17th-century plantation house with a beautiful walled garden and marked paths through parkland, as a top spot to enjoy the spring flowers.

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Amsterdam, famous for its tulip fields, took the top spot on the list. Its annual Tulip Festival brings a large number of visitors each year. 

In second place was Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei, Taiwan. The Calla Lily Festival runs from late March through to late April at the park.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC took the third spot, while the Girona Flower Festival in Girona, Spain took the fourth place on the list. The Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, held in May, rounded out the top five.

For the best locations to celebrate spring arriving and the flowers starting to bloom, check out the top 10 list below.

The Top 10 Destinations To See The Flowers Bloom This Spring 

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei, Taiwan
  3. Washington DC, USA
  4. Girona, Spain
  5. Ottawa, Canada
  6. Brussels, Belgium
  7. Versailles, France
  8. Asheville, North Carolina, USA
  9. Derry, Northern Ireland, UK
  10. Noto, Italy