Dublin not only boasts a wide variety of Irish pubs for the craic, but the city has several restaurants from across the pond that are must-visits; others, not so much.

A recent review by Catherine Cleary for The Irish Times regarding a trip to a new Five Guys location in Dublin was probably one of the harshest food reviews dished out in recent memory. Clearly argued that the city didn’t deserve this burger joint that “gives the gag reflex a workout,” and noted that “the only free table is covered in debris like a flock of gulls has just departed in a clatter of wings.”

While that is one definitively awful example of an American restaurant, it is far from representative of the vast majority of what the Yanks have to offer.

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According to the Central Statistics Office for Ireland, tourists from North America have been making many visits to Ireland, with 759,800 trips taken in March 2018 alone. Trips to the Emerald Isle have gone up by almost 25 percent and are currently at a three-year high.

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In these summer months, when yearly tourism peaks, it seems only right to highlight the best American restaurants Dubliners and tourists alike have raved about.

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This burger joint on Wexford Street has been praised by many for having the best burger in Dublin, as well as great service to go with it. While it lacks a signature burger like many American restaurants, it’s safe to say that each burger they offer is simply brilliant.



Bobo’s Burgers Restaurant

Great burgers and an even greater location; this downtown Dublin restaurant on Dame street has quintessential American burgers, each offering unique toppings that will make you feel like you haven’t even left the states.



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Elephant & Castle

Offering traditional American food, this Temple Bar area restaurant is known for having a great roasted garlic burger in addition to several other dishes that make this central Dublin joint a must-visit.

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Pitt Bros Smoked BBQ Project

What says America more than Barbeque? This BBQ place in South Dublin is home to what could be the best pulled pork and ribs in town with friendly service to top it all off.



Bleeker Street Cafe Bar

For a more quaint American-themed restaurant, this small cafe offers a wide variety of traditional Irish and American classics such as Guinness Beef Stew and cheeseburgers.

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What’s your favorite restaurant in Dublin? Let us know in the comments section below.