Unbelievably there are a number of writers who actually sat in front of a keyboard after the weekends NFL action and announced that the Eagle’s Michael Vick was their favored NFL MVP candidate.

Comeback played of the year, sure, but MVP, not a snowball's chance in hell.

This is a ridiculously short sighted reaction to one good game. The MVP award is thankfully decided over the course of the season, not one game, and Vick has not been MVP like for the whole season.

Let us imagine for argument sake the MVP award was handed out today and let's have a look at Vick against who most sane people are touting as MVP (Peyton Manning basically threw himself out of the ring with that unfortunate interception binge a few weeks ago, Philip Rivers Chargers are not too far detached from a .500 record), Tom Brady.

Brady is also at the helm of the highest scoring offence in football (30 points a game average), which doubles as the joint best team in football at 12-2. How is this even being discussed?

Look, note to those who think the MVP should be Vick. The amazing Eagles comeback was a wonderful NFL spectacle, one of the best games in years. However, it should not have sent you careening to the nearest computer to demand outrageously that Vick be awarded the MVP. It was one game.

Besides at the end of the day, anyone who ever watched and got enjoyment from dogs killing each other should automatically never be allowed win anything, ever. I know the NFL is with me on this, partly because they wouldn’t be able to stomach the PETA protests tarnishing their shiny Superbowl. Mark my words, no way the NFL allows Vick, and subsequently the Eagles, into the big show.

Remember that when the zebras keep their flags in their pockets every time a Falcons lineman pummels Vick to the ground illegally in the NFC conference final. Think of it as a 09’/10’ Saints in reverse. New Orleans were allowed abuse Brett Favre in the same game last season, with no intervention from a clearly instructed umpiring crew.

If Vick makes it that far, he can expect the same treatment. Dogs around the world, relaxing lazily around warm fires, will chuckle gently to themselves with each hit.

MVP? Morbidly vengeful puppies.


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