In this day and age there is not a whole lot of accountability flying around. Particularly in the English Premiership. Referees are making horrific mistakes and blaming the players involved. Players are getting all Machiavelli on us and trying to create situations leading to them being transferred, and blaming everyone else but themselves. Manchester City are spending more money than you or I can even imagine, falling flat on their faces, and blaming absolutely everyone but themselves.

As a life long Sunderland supporter, Sunday’s mauling at the hands of arch rivals Newcastle was a real Halloween horror show. However, the blow has been softened measurably by the responsible and dignified responses coming from both the management and the players.

It would appear Quinn, Bruce and the players are determined to get back on track and keep the club progressing, rather than sit around sulking. It appears Sunderland, from top to bottom, are taking accountability seriously and accepting full responsibility for the brutal loss.

Super striker Darren Bent is blaming himself. Chairman and Irish soccer legend Niall Quinn is blaming himself. Manager Steve Bruce is blaming himself. No one is pointing fingers at anyone else. There are no veiled suggestions that ‘so and so’ could have done something different. There is no Randy Moss like throwing of teammates under the proverbial bus going on in Sunderland.

It’s refreshing and honest, and a silver lining in the wake of Sunday early afternoon’s horror show.

Now, with all this soul searching going on, maybe Bruce will give former Irish international Andy Reid a chance to show us what he can bring to the table.