Alison Melder and Bobby Petrino

Isn’t this whole Bobby Petrino thing starting to feel a little Tiger-Woodsish?

Move over Jessica Dorrell, there's a new mistress in town! Up to now the focus on former Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino's "illicit" relationship has been Jessica Dorrell, however the exposure of Petrino's phone records via the Freedom of Information Act has moved attention to another potentially inappropriate dalliance.

Modern technology, isn’t it great? The content of Petrino's text messages, still available on his business cellphone, were obtained by the Associated Press, through a Freedom of Information Act request. Several websites have taken the time to trawl through the entire record and pick out the juicer elements. One of the repeat phone numbers in the list was that of model Alison Melder.

Here are the raw details. At various junctures in September, October, and November 2011, Melder and Petrino exchanged at least 200 text messages. There were no phone calls (not with that phone anyway). The messages begin appearing on 12th September, the first day for which phone records are available. They continue until 6th November. There were seven picture messages sent, all from Melder to Petrino. One can only hypothesize on the content of same.

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If you are into trawling through people’s phone records, you can, thanks to the joys of the freedom of information act, view the relevant documentation right here

Melder is an interesting character, to say the least. She has been, at different junctures of her life, a model and her LinkedIn profile lists her as a senate assistant with the Republican Party of Arkansas. Interestingly the Republican Party begs to differ, and any reference to her name has been scrubbed off the relevant websites. Back to the modeling, one profile she created four years ago contains a portfolio of bikini and lingerie images.

Melder, judging by the profile, doesn’t seem to really know what she wants in life (check out the snapshot from her profile below, nudes or no nudes, that is the question!). Maybe Petrino was her sage ‘guide’ type figure. Perhaps those 7 pictures she sent him were snap shots of theological quandaries the now 26 year old was facing.

Or maybe they were just her in skimpy lingerie. Your guess is as good as ours.

And so the Bobby Petrino story gets that little bit more salacious, that little bit murkier. What next? Are we about to get treated to a stream of models, waitresses and other assorted women coming forward as with Tiger Woods?

For now, the Petrino Posse stands at two, but, watch this space.