What at first was being reported by the misguided liberal media as a bored old Senator earning $174,000 a year while playing games on his iPhone was in actual fact a glimpse into a highly secret CIA/NSA operation aimed at destabilizing Syrian leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s funds.

McCain playing poker while in a Senate hearing

Poker news from the capital. Yesterday the liberal media frothed at the mouth at a picture that emerged of Senior US Republican Senator John McCain seemingly playing a game on his iPhone during a Senate hearing. You could cut the sanctimony with a knife, it hung that heavy in the air. Little did the Knights Of The Keyboard know, they were being afforded a brief glimpse into a deep under cover, heroic operation to sap enemy funding via the poker skills of the would be President.

Today McCain and his team have admitted that what the media have been gushing over was in fact a complicated, brilliant operation called ‘Operation Full House’. Citing national security, McCain says he is not at liberty to divulge all the information, suffice to say McCain was actually playing against Syrian leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad, and was, by all accounts, ‘taking him to the bank’.

It is a little known fact that McCain is an established poker player and goes by the pseudonym  ‘Dallas McCain’ while working the tables in Vegas. McCain may or may not have honed his card playing skills while in captivity in Vietnam. This fact had been guarded carefully until now in the interests of national security.

The Republican Senator’s admittance to CNN that “Occasionally I get a little bored,” was actually a coded message to an operative to download the funds from Senator McCain’s Poker account to a holding bank in the Cayman Islands.

The former presidential candidate was the ideal candidate for this operation, not just because of his poker playing skills, but also under the assumption that Assad would never suspect a Republican candidate would try anything tricky of this nature.

McCain - Poker playing hero

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