Readers of Friday’s copy of the Ohio State student newspaper the Lantern were greeted by an enormous, ultimately hilarious full page advertisement linking Presidential longshot Mitt Romney (currently trailing incumbent President Obama by a whopping margin in the only poll that matters, Vegas bookmarkers) to the Michigan Wolverines.

The text reads "I have been a Michigan and a Wolverine fan for a long, long time" a statement the former Massachusetts governor, who was born in Michigan, made the last year.

This statement will not go down well amongst the passionate throngs of Buckeye nation.

The advertisement was paid for by the Ohio Democratic party and is an interesting tactic, a cheeky and welcome break from the usual negative, ugly and spiteful tactics that have been used to date by, in particular, the Republican party.

The image challenges Buckeye fans to question themselves, can they really vote for a man who roots for their most fiercest of rivals? Can the question cause a ripple in voting numbers in a key state? Stranger things have happened.

You wonder what The Mittster makes of all this. Probably not much. To his credit, Romney to date exudes a certain deflective aura of contentment, it would appear basically nothing can hurt him. Let’s face it, this chap is wonderfully detached from reality, this is the same individual who described the $374,000 in speaking fees he earned a year as “not very much.”

Now call me a Libtard Commie Barock O’Hussein Obama supporter if you will, but $374,000 DeNiros would make a welcome addition to this struggling freelance sports journalists’ wallet. Yes, very much.

As for The Mittster, If you were to ask him were he worried about the fallout from this incident, he would no doubt shake his jowls in that Nixonian manner he has and reply ‘’Not very much’’.

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