Great drama across the NBA today as first Jason Collins and then LeBron James 'come out' as gay. The word from the James camp is that LeBron is 'way more super gay' than Collins.

A super dramatic day across the NBA today. The news first began to unfold with the Wizards center Jason Collins bravely becoming what is being recognized as the first player from a major sport in the United States to 'out' himself as gay. Within 7 minutes LeBron James announced himself as also being gay, with a caveat.

''I do not understand the fuss about this Washington guy'' LeBron said in a statement issued during an impromptu ESPN hosted event called 'The Delusion'. ''I am gay too, and clearly far more important than this other guy. I am super gay, for myself.''

Whilst it has always been clear that LeBron clearly loves himself a great deal, it was not known that the Miami star was in actual fact, fully gay for himself. The news, however, will not come as a surprise to those that have seen his enormous ego drive a particularly stunning narcissistic brand of self-promotion.

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Reports indicate that the LeBron statement came quickly after the Collins version. LeBron's people are vehemently denying the Miami star was simply perturbed to be off the front pages of ESPN for five minutes. ''That is absolute garbage. We have an agreement in place with ESPN that means LeBron will be front-and-center on a daily basis, so, we can tell you with absolute certainty that is absolute rubbish.''

When pushed by incredulous reporters to delve deeper into his incredible announcement, LeBron made it clear he was only gay for himself, and not other men. ''Oh man no, God, no, I aint into other dudes, no way man'' the star proclaimed loudly. ''I am just gay for myself. I love myself, and I love myself so much, that I am gay for myself, you know what I mean, man?''

The rapping, dunking, headphone selling star went on to summarize that ''Now that I have come out as clearly the biggest NBA star to be gay. you can go back to talking about me..''

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