That Jonny Gomes, what will he do next? Jon Lester might be the stern, driving force behind the Sox, and Dustin Pedroia is often the team’s unofficial spokesman, but Gomes is truly the beating heart of the World Series champion Boston squad. In a team filled with veteran leader types, Gomes stands out as a character with very few peers in all of baseball. His antics are legendary, as was his massive home run in last year’s World Series.

His latest stunt is truly colorful, in the literal sense of the word.

Gomes was sent a very American suit jacket by the company Loudmouth Golf and the slugger was so enamoured with the sports coat that he went and ordered one for every single player on the Red Sox roster.

Oh, and someone else too…

You know those kind of stiff, starchy group pictures of teams visiting the White House? Well, you can probably expect another one of those after the Sox visit, as the team have confirmed they will not be wearing these sensationally gaudy suits when they visit The President. They will however be giving President Obama a suit of his own as a gift. You could probably open the betting on whether he will wear it or not at around 1,000/1 for ‘yes’.

Interested in your own? That would set you back a cool $395, cash money.