The possibility of Stephen Ireland returning to the international fold looks even more remote on Sunday after further comments on the matter from the Manchester City star.

The Cobh native was unimpressed by reports in the media that Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni had been in touch with him, something the midfielder vehemently denies and he is unlikely to be included for the upcoming qualifier against Bulgaria as a result.

"I read in the press that Trapattoni and Liam Brady have said they have contacted me. Well, they haven't. That's all I can say," Ireland insisted.

In response the FAI released a short statement reiterating Trapattoni's stance on the issue.

"Contrary to reports in the article about press claims, neither Giovanni Trapattoni, nor any other member of the senior management team have made any comment about re-contacting Stephen Ireland since their last meeting, other than to say that if he wants to play for his country, it is up to him to declare himself available."

Trapattoni names his squad for the games against Bulgaria and Italy on Monday.