Who do you think the most legendary Irish soccer player is? Following their publication of their own ‘Soccer Legends’ iMagazine, The Independent was met by some disgruntled fans who didn’t quite agree with the ordering.

For the ‘Soccer Legends’ publication, a panel decided upon the top 50 Irish soccer players from the last 50 years. Topping the list was Roy Keane, whom The Independent credits with his outstanding club achievements in tandem with his Irish performances.

Coming in behind Keane were John Giles, Paul McGrath, Liam Brady and Ronnie Whelan, in that order. 

The interactive magazine includes archive footage of the players, some classic old photographs, and our panelists’ discussions of the top 10 performers in more detail.

Clips and pictures range from black and white images of a packed Dalymount Park in the 1960s to some of the more memorable internationals of recent years.