Lindsay Lohan’s newest movie – well, telemovie, that is – “Labor Pains” premiered Sunday night on ABC Family to mixed reviews.

Everybody who’s in on the Hollywood gossip mill knows that the Irish-American actress turned down Heather Graham’s “stripper with a heart of gold” part in wildly successful comedy “The Hangover” to play a secretary who fakes a pregnancy to avoid being fired in the straight-to-cable flick “Labor Pains.”

Clearly not the wisest career choice, but it's just another in a long line of Lohan's loopy career choices.

So this begs the question: Is troubled former teen queen Lindsay Lohan’s career officially over?

It's hard to bet against her; she's still only 23 and she's got plenty of time to make at least one comeback, if not more.

LiLo, or “Lindsanity” as some have dubbed her, has numerous fan sites to her name, graces the covers tabloids on a weekly basis, scores covers on even high-end magazines like Vogue and is a household name for pretty much anyone with a TV.

Lohan is one of the biggest celebrities of today – yet she seems to be doing the least work.

So then we have to look at what defines “career” in this country.

If we mean her celeb status, LiLo's doing fine. She can get into any club she pleases and the paparazzi are always all over her.

So as long as she keeps up the partying and lesbian love affairs, America will still be interested, and she’ll still be raking in the dough from magazines and club appearances.

But if we mean solid acting ability, Oscars and critically acclaimed movies, that could be a longshot for La Lohan.

LiLo was called a child prodigy after she played twins in 1998’s “The Parent Trap” and hailed as one of the most talented actresses out there after her star turn in 2004’s “Mean Girls.”

People, please.

How challenging is it to look cute for the cameras and put on a mediocre British accent?

And how difficult is it to play a high school heroine in a funny, though over-rated, teen flick?

Sure, Lohan isn’t the worst actress in the world, but we only have samples like “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” and “I Know Who Killed Me” to look at. Her performance in the latter even earned the actress several Razzie Awards for worst acting in a film.

So the real question is not whether Lindsay Lohan’s career is over – but when did it ever begin?