Limerick hurling goalkeeper Nickie Quaid has wowed American newcomers to the sport with his goal save against Cork in the All-Ireland hurling semi-final 2018.

Each year of the All-Ireland Hurling Championship in recent years has seemed to just get better and better and the summer of 2018 is no different. Cork and Limerick’s All-Ireland semi-final on Sunday was really one for the books and there was one moment, in particular, that made it a match to remember.

With the scores level and the game already in injury time, Limerick goalkeeper Nickie Quaid made an absolutely spectacular save. It was a save so good, in fact, that it came to the attention of Sports Illustrated, one of the most prestigious sports magazines in the world.

Saving what looked like a straight-through goal chance for Cork’s Seamus Harnedy, Quaid pushed the game into extra time and Limerick eventually pulled ahead to get to their first All-Ireland final in eleven years.

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Have a look at the remarkable save here:

Check out this unbelievable save by Nickie Quaid!

— The GAA (@officialgaa) July 29, 2018

“I’d wager that the majority of SI’s audience is wholly unfamiliar with the Irish sport of hurling, but you can’t really call yourself a sports fan if you don’t appreciate this play,” Garland wrote.

“Cork faced Limerick in the All-Ireland hurling semi-final on Sunday and the game was tied halfway through added time. That’s when Cork’s Seamus Harnedy found himself in front of the net with a chance to score a potential game-winning goal. He might have been the hero if not for this jaw-dropping effort from Limerick goalie Nickie Quaid.

This jaw-dropping hurling save was the sports highlight of the weekend

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) July 30, 2018

“Quaid, while diving to his right, managed to knock the ball out of mid-air before Harnedy could hit it into the net.

The drama didn’t end there, though. After both teams traded points in the closing seconds, the game went to extra time. Limerick pulled comfortably ahead in the added period and advanced to its first All-Ireland final in 11 years.”

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I’m always asked why would ya want to be a goal keeper?
Coz one save can break the heart of a whole county.... #nickiequaid @TommyDD97 captured it 👍

— Brendan Cummins (@BrenCummins1) July 30, 2018

And we can’t disagree! This could be one of our favorite saves not just from this summer but for many summers past and Quaid has definitely written himself into Limerick hurling history.  

We’re sorry if this will now make you fall in love with hurling so close to the end of the Championship but there’s still plenty of local GAA being played around the world that you can check out and even start playing yourself if that sparks your interest.

Is this the greatest hurling moment of the year or even the decade? Let us know your favorite in the comments section, below.

H/T: Sports Illustrated