Conor McGregor's father wanted his son to become a plumber. I wonder how he feels about his son's career choice now? Conor was raised in the Dublin suburb of Crumlin by Tony and Margaret. The Notorious was the baby of the family having been preceded by sisters, Erin and Aoife. After leaving high school, Tony wanted his son to acquire a trade and become a plumber. Though Conor remained laser focused on his dream of becoming the world's biggest UFC star. This is what you need to know about Conor McGregor's parents:

Conor McGregor's parents have been together since they were 16

In a lengthy Irish Independent feature, Tony explained that after being born in Liverpool, England, his family relocated to Dublin. His mother left his father and started a new family. Nowadays, Tony says all of his siblings live in the United Kingdom. At 16, he started going out with his future wife. The two had known each other for years before. Tony told the Independent, "It was her looks that attracted me as she wasn't a bad-looking bird. Margaret was beautiful and she still is. We got married at 21, 36 years ago this year. She's a very generous woman and a good listener and she has great qualities." It's in that same article that Tony, who describes himself as a taxi driver and poet, talks about wanting Conor to become a plumber after school. Though Conor would abandon the trade after a year. Tony says, "We decided to get him into a trade after his Leaving Cert and he chose plumbing, but he only stuck that for a year. If any plumbing goes wrong in the house now, he is no help whatsoever!"

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Tony McGregor has been adamant in defending his son from racism allegations

Tony has taken on the issue of his being accused of racism head on. In the run-up to the Mayweather fight, Conor has repeatedly called Mayweather "boy." Mayweather accused Conor of "saying a lot of racist things." During the press tour for Conor's fight with Jose Aldo, the UFC star faced similar allegations. In an appearance on The MMA Hour, Tony took the opportunity to defend his son: "This fight is not about race. The color of skin is immaterial. This fight is about skill and technique. Conor McGregor is unequivocally not racist." Tony would also accuse those who have referred to Conor as a racist as "race-baiters."

Margaret McGregor has referred to Conor as a 'Mummy's boy'

Amid all of the bravdo and toughness, Margaret McGregor described her son as a "mummy's boy" in an interview with the Irish Sun. Margaret says, "You will get some haters, but the majority love him for who he is. He’s honest. He’s very generous. I think he gives a lot of people hope. He is everything you see, but he’s still honest and says it how it is. I’m extremely proud of him. He is a mummy’s boy. He’d probably kill me for saying that but he is."

While Tony took is step further in an interview with Ryan Tubridy in 2015 where he explained his son's generosity. Tony told the RTE host that after Conor defeated Chad Mendes, Conor said he would look after his family financially. Tony said, "He spelled it out exactly what he was going to do for us. We walked out of there and we all had BMWs. I am driving a 5 series BMW now at the moment, brand spanking new. His mother is also driving one and his sister is driving one." The gushingly proud father added, "He is a multi-millionaire now and also he is on the cusp of signing a major deal with the UFC, the biggest deal in the UFC history so he knows exactly where he is going in the business stakes as well."

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Tony McGregor says he constantly worried about his daughters until they were in relationships with men

Tony said of his daughters, Erin and Aoife, during his Irish Independent interview, "I think every father worries about the girls until they're in stable relationships with a decent partner, and mine are. I have a great relationship with my daughters and am sort of a young dad so I can party occasionally with them. Raising children is a formidable challenge, and I just did my best with my three."

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