Irish bakery Irwins have been in partnership with top Irish chef, Paul Rankin, for 11 years but this year they have come together to promote a special app called “What’s your Paddy Proof?”

Rankin encourages the public to explore just how Irish they really are by answering such questions as, “What’s an Irish person’s favourite food?” and, “Can you sing along to Ireland’s most famous ballad?”

“Even if you’re a long way from Tipperary, the app is a fantastic way to become an honorary Paddy for the day!” he explains. “Just as US President Barack Obama traced his Irish ancestry, you can use my app to answer a few quirky questions and find out if you really have the luck of the Irish and the gift of the gab!”

The app is free of charge and part of a unique St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser which will see Paul’s bakery range ‘Rankin Selection’ donate money to Macmillan Cancer Support for every iPhone app downloaded.

“By downloading the app, you’ll help us raise all-important funds to support the vital and inspiring work being carried out by Macmillan Cancer Support - and you’ll also be part of the global St. Patrick’s Day craic!” says Michael Murphy, Commercial Controller of Irwin’s Bakery.

Find out how Irish you are this St. Patrick’s Day by downloading the app for free on the app store HERE.

‘What’s your Paddy Proof?’ Find out just how Irish you are this St. Patrick’s Day with a new appPaddy Proof