World renowned actor and former altar boy Liam Neeson has some questions for the Catholic church.

While the "Taken" star is lending his talents to narrate CNN's "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History" documentary series, he has some pressing religious issues on his mind he wants to share first.

Neeson is often synonymous with playing villains or vengeful assassins, but the 65-year-old has faith at the forefront as he was raised in a devout Catholic household during The Troubles.

"I was brought up Catholic in Ireland, so the church featured quite heavily in our household. I was an altar boy as a kid, and had early fantasies of being a priest for several months," he told

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The actor said he "jumped at the chance" to lend his voice to the "extraordinary" docu-series about the history of Popes past and present.

Yet, if he could ask Pope Francis anything, what would it be?

"What is God for him, truly? When will Mary Magdalene be canonized and when can we have women priests," the actor stated.
The widowed father-of-two also spoke about his former desires to become a priest himself.
I "...had early fantasies of being a priest for several months. I was made aware from an early age of the Pope being the head of the Church and who would make pronouncements that would be ordained in Heaven as on Earth. That’s some power. He had to be someone very special,” the Ballymena native told the outlet.

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