According to Hallmark research, over half of the United States population will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Feb 14.

That means over 150 million American men and women will be giving each other overpriced cards, chalky candy hearts, thorny flowers, and chocolate filled with “god knows what,” when not nauseatingly making out in public to cheesy, sappy love songs (just about 98% songs on the radio).

While the other half of the population will be wearing sweatpants, watching sad movies (a la “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), eating ice cream, and crying. Maybe all at the same time. There is music for you too.

Here are songs for you to enjoy when not enjoying Valentine’s Day:

U2 – “So Cruel”

From the "Achtung Baby" album, this cruel and bitter ditty about unrequited love, jealousy, obsession, and possessiveness was written in the wake of the Edge’s separation from his wife Aislinn O'Sullivan. So hurtful is the song that the band has only performed it live four times.

Swell Season – “Leave”

Glen Hansard shares his pain in this sorrowful tune off the soundtrack to the movie "Once." This song may have been directed from Hansard his to his Swell Season bandmate Marketa Irglova who took heed to the song and not only broke up with Glen but has stopped performing with him as well.

Sinead O’Connor - "You Cause as Much Sorrow"

Deceptively saccharine and sweet, the lyrics of the controversial and bald crooner say it all. “Why can't you just leave it be? It's done nothing so far but destroy my life You cause as much sorrow dead As you did when you were alive”

The Cranberries – “Not Sorry”

Dolores O’Riordan and company makes her hurt known and felt in this sullen rocker off their wildly successful freshman effort "Everybody's Doing It Why Can’t We."

The Corrs – “I never Loved You Anyway” 

There is no love lost for the Coors here. You may get so depressed that you can’t stop drinking Coors when listening to this tune from "Talk on Corners."

Westlife – “Fool Again”

The premier Irish boy band get their little hearts squashed yet again in this hit song released from the band’s initial self-titled album. Take heed.

Ash – “You Can’t have it all”

You will not get it all from Ash, but at the very least the Irish rockers will give you a feisty, fiery track featured on the band’s last album "Twilight of the Innocents."

Hexxed – “Triclopics”

You do not need to understand a song’s lyrics to vent as this metal gem courtesy of the Northern Irish outfit Hexxed proves. Yes, I believe they can be booked for confirmation parties.

Gemma Hayes – “Ol Sad Song”

This soft and gentle song from Ms. Hayes is just the right for those who enjoy stewing in their own depression and loneliness. Buy the extra ply tissues.

My Bloody Valentine – “No More Sorry”

The pioneering Irish shoegazers play depressing music the only way they know how: with kick-ass feedback and distortion. It’s a short song so you may have to keep this one on repeat.