As a Shamrock Club member, you are privy to insider information on all things Irish. This time we will let you in on our favorite Irish pubs around the country we have discovered with painstaking research. With this new found information you will now be considered the most knowledgeable publican on your block.

1. McSorleys, New York City 15 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003. 212 474 9148
This legendary pub, dating back to 1854 as the city’s oldest, stands out like a green emerald among the hundreds of Irish bars and restaurants that dot the New York City green, white, and orange landscape. The pub has served perfect pints to such luminaries as  Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Woody Guthrie and just recently to women in 1970.

2. Fado,  100 W Grand Avenue, Chicago. 312-836-0066
The windy city has a burgeoning Irish community marked by its grand St. Patrick’s day parade that swaths the whole city in Kelly green and Even its river.  Fado is a must-visit place, especially on March 17th when the pub hosts a charity head shave, rugby and soccer matches on big screen TVs as well as lively music nights. The name translates into “long ago” (pronounced “f’doe”) and was a phrase used as a preface of ancient Irish tales.

3. Kitty O’Sheas 131 State Street in Boston. 617-725-0100
In a town indisputably home to the densest population of the Irish is reflected in the number of Boston’s Irish pubs. The one that stands out is this winner of the highly-coveted award winner for best pub in Boston in 2012. Hosting two bars on two floors Kitty O’Sheas is known for great food and better craig located in the historical district of Boston, Faneuil Hall.

4. McGillins, at 1310 Drury Street, Philadelphia. 215-735-5562
Since the 1860s the taps have been pouring the finest of Irish lagers and ales for its devout patrons. McGillins acts as the nerve center during the oldest St. Patrick’s day of the year, namely the Philadelphia St. Patricks Day parade to be held on the 10th of March this year. The pub will be celebrating all that week with beer specials and the like.

5. O'Reilly's at 622 Green Street, San Francisco. 415-989-6222
This Irish pub is the go-to spot when in search of a truly authentic Irish experience with superb food as described by the locals. Make your California St. Patricks Day even sunnier with a visit to O’Reillys.

6. Waxy O'Connors 1095 SE 17th St. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 954-525-WAXY
Known for its spirited three-day St. Patricks Day parties, Waxy’s provides a warm, yet relaxed atmosphere for all its patrons whether it be a yaght crew or businessman. Imported beers and mouth-watering pub faire beckons all to come to visit this hot Irish Floridian spot.

7. Bennigan's Grrill and Tavern 501 W. George Bush Hwy. Ste. 140 Richardson, Texas 75080 469-277-6371
This busy pub caters to its Texans who take part in the all the fun and pageantry of local St. Patrick Day celebrations. It has been described as one of the best Texan bars where one can experience warm hospitality. One cannot go wrong with either of Bennigans specials: Turkey O’Toole Sandwich and Babyback ribs.

8. Kevin Barry's Pub 117 West River Street Savannah, Georgia. 912-233-9626
In this beloved pub in the Irish southern heartland of Savannah everybody knows your name. Housed in one of the city’s oldest buildings this establishment looks right over the Savannah river. Beloved for its fine selection of Irish spirits and food, Kevin Barry’s is recognized most for its sublime live Irish music. In fact, it was the first pub to offer live music south of Washington, DC.

9. Dubliner Restaurant 520 N. Capitol Street Northwest, Washington, D.C. 202-737-3773
Located within walking distance of the halls of congress, The Dubliner is always packed to the gills. So authentic is this pub that it could easily be as well-suited for McConnell Street as it is for Massachusetts Street. The Dubliner is proudly named after James Joyce’s claasic novel of the same name. For tourist and St. Patricks’ Day celebrant alike the Dubliner makes for an enjoyable Irish experience.

10. The Harp, 4408 Detroit Ave. (W 44th St.) Cleveland, OH 44113
This pub and restaurant offers stunning views of Lake Erie. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday some of the best Irish musicians around gather at the Harp play a lively session until closing. Some of the Irish delicacies to be found on the bar’s menu include bourbon-glazed lamb chops and grilled potato pancakes to die for. The Harp