With the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic now just weeks away, events are springing up both here and abroad to commemorate the ill-fated ocean liner. Check out a few of these events if you’re interested in sharing the remembrance of the Titanic.

1. Titanic Memorial Cruise
Choose from one of two cruises. One departs from Southampton while the other departs from New York City, both meeting up in the Atlantic at the site of the sinking.

2. Titanic, the Musical
The Killarney Musical Society is staging ‘Titanic’ from March 28-30 in honor of the ill-fated ship’s centenary at the INEC in Killarney, Co Kerry.

3. Titanic’s Last Supper
The Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology hosted a dinner that used a menu recovered from the shipwreck. The 11-course contemporary spin on the 1912 menu was a black tie event and was a sellout.

4. Titanic’s Last Dance
Cobh, Co Cork was the last port of call for the Titanic. Commemorate the ship at one of a few dinner dances hosted at Gilbert’s Restaurant in Cobh that replicates the ship’s menu and uses historically accurate musical selections.

5. Titanic’s Song and Bell Ringing
The people of Lahardane remember 14 North Mayo natives who lost their lives on the Titanic by the ringing of the free-standing Timoney Bell at St Patrick’s Church at precisely the time of the sinking. The Addergoole Titanic Cultural week is taking place from April 8 - 15.

6. The Shelbourne Hotel Afternoon Tea

Luncheon at the exclusive Dublin hotel is available until April 30th in the Lord Mayor’s Lounge, recreates pastries and dainty sandwiches  from the Titanic menus.

7. Belfast Museum and Concert

The commemorative concert, part of a 3 week memorial festival, is being staged at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, just across the river from the Harland and Wolff ship yard, where the liner was built.

8. Titanic, the movie - in 3D!

Revisit the 1997 mega-blockbuster and instant classic ‘Titanic,’ now in 3D being re-released for the centenary.

9. Read through ‘TITANIC: The Tragedy That Shook the World’
Rarely seen images by Irish photographer Frank Browne (or better known as Father Browne) who traveled on the Titanic’s voyage before he was forced to disembark in Ireland help make up this new book that reveals why the story of the Titanic still remains so cherished today.

10. Watch the ‘Titanic’ television miniseries

‘Titanic’ is a four-part television drama created by producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and written by Julian Fellowes. This multi-million dollar television event will be an extraordinary re-telling of that doomed voyage, which cleverly weaves action, mystery and romantic plots before coming together in an explosive and unforgettable finale. Each installment guides viewers through the stories of both fictional and nonfictional characters aboard the doomed ocean liner.

A black tie dinner celebrating the final menus on board the doomed Titanic has sold out in GalwayVictorianaLady.com