Sun shines on Galway Bay
The sun came out twice this week. I was super excited. Thursday was the sunniest day. It was sunny all day and It made my day and walk to school awesome. From my apartment it’s about a 20 minute walk to school. It’s much different than my five minute walk to class at Assumption. I’m going to have the best leg muscles by the time I come home. I don’t really mind the walk though because it’s really pretty and I walk by horses, some fields and old building that looks like a mini castle.

In addition to seeing the sun this week, I managed to make it through my first week of classes without getting incredibly lost (a record for me since I tend to get lost wherever I go and I’m terrible with directions).

This week is a still a part of the two-week period where you go to different classes that interest you and then decide which ones you want to register for after you know what the classes will be like. It was such a different experience to go to classes before I register and then decide if I want to take them. I don’t have to worry about any of my lecture classes filling up because the lecture classes have anywhere from 50 to100 students in them so that’s an added bonus.

My roommate, Lannan, and I wandered around campus Monday attempting to find our classes. I felt like a freshman all over again with my map out looking around trying to find the right building while other students, who clearly knew where they were going, walked around effortlessly to their classes.

All the Irish students were so nice though and pointed Lannan and I in the right direction when we couldn’t find certain buildings or had trouble understanding the building abbreviations on our schedule. I decided to take some English classes for my major and a few sociology classes which will count towards my minor back at Assumption.

I managed to put together a pretty good schedule - no class on Mondays until 4pm. It’s a sweet life. I’m taking an Irish literature class, a contemporary literature class, an early American writing course and two sociology classes. I’m actually looking forward to the Irish literature class because I think it’ll be cool to study Irish writers in Ireland (how often would I get to do that?)

One of my professors for the Irish Lit class is actually from the States.

All in all this was a good week seeing as the sun came out twice and I got my class schedule figured out (I was slightly stressed about which classes would count for credit back home) but now it’s all set so life is good.

This weekend should be awesome too. On Sunday my friends and I are going on a hike up a mountain in Burren (a really cute small town in Ireland). Should be interesting, seeing as I’m not really a hiker, or a mountaineer, but my friends convinced me to do it so it should be fun. In order go on the hike we had to have hiking boots so I bought some really cute blue ones on sale downtown. I figure if I fail at hiking at least I’ll look cute in my boots.