This Thanksgiving, share the gratitude you feel for your Irish heritage and ancestry by planting a native tree in Ireland for you or a loved one - a gift for generations to come. 

Thanksgiving is only around the corner and is a great opportunity to count our blessings of the past year and to share our thanks to those special people around us. Giving thanks is a way to stop for a moment and reflect on the important things in our lives - be it our family, friends, hometown, or our heritage and ancestry. 

Spread the Thanksgiving cheer by planting a beautiful Irish Heritage Tree. Your gift of a tree in Ireland comes with a certificate of dedication, the hardest part is choosing who you should give thanks to! You could dedicate your Irish Heritage Tree to ...

  • Your Irish ancestry and the connection to your family.
  • The friends you've made in Ireland and the cherished memories you shared together.
  • A gift to a friend who holds their Irish heritage close to their heart.
  • To the rich Irish culture of music, dance, and literature that's been spread around the world.

Plant your very own Irish Heritage Tree in time for Thanksgiving!

Irish Heritage Tree is in collaboration with the Tree Council of Ireland and your tree will be planted in our rural farmland situated near Drimoleague in the heart of West Cork, which is owned by farmer Tim Daly.

His farm is a passion project focused on nature and creativity, with rewilding and regenerating the land being of the highest priority, and is surrounded by landscapes of immense natural beauty. 

We're proud to say that as of last year, our original forest in Co Tipperary has now planted 3,500 native trees. The area has ties to St. Patrick, with legend claiming that Ireland's patron saint lost his tooth in the nearby River Fadaghta, which flows through the forest. 

IrishCentral, a name you can trust, began the Irish Heritage Tree program as a way for our readers to recognize those special people in their lives with a gift of a living symbol of love. By making this meaningful purchase of planting a tree in Ireland, you are also contributing to the IrishCentral pledge to keep Ireland green and growing.

Native trees can take decades to mature once planted, yet as each year passes their roots secure firmly in the soil, a symbol of your everlasting connection to Ireland.

Planting an Irish Heritage Tree this Thanksgiving, including a certificate of dedication, costs only $69.99 with an additional option to receive your certificate framed for an extra $29.99. Plus free shipping to the USA! Click here for more information.