A look at the O'Neill family and their success around the world. 

Where in the world are the most O'Neill's? A recent IrishCentral survey showed that Ireland and the USA are the places where most of the O'Neill clan be found, with New York and New Jersey boasting the most American people claiming the Irish last name. 

With Canada and Australia coming just a little behind, and England following up, there were also some O'Neills who let us know that they are based a little further afield in China. 

Throughout June, we celebrated the success of the O'Neill family around the world, looking at the origins and meaning of the Irish surname, honoring those famous folk who share the Irish clan name and even delving into the top places to visit if your last name is O'Neill. 

But most importantly, we wanted to celebrate the global O'Neill family and asked you to let us know where in the world you are based. You can see the main results in the word map below:

We also asked how far back your O'Neill roots went and while over 50% of you are currently an O'Neill, there was also over 20% who could trace O'Neill back to their grandparents and 13% who had an O'Neill in the family even further back than that. You can view the full results here:

Are you an O'Neill? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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* Originally published in June 2019.