A new play that claims Irish men are less than well-endowed when it comes to private parts has made its off-Broadway debut in New York.

The play, called "The Irish Curse," has been called the “Vagina Monologues” for men, and has opened to good reviews.

The play action tales place at a support group meeting for Irish men who have the small willy problem, or think they have.

The meeting takes place in the basement of a church and features five characters, one direct from Ireland, the others Irish American.

Playwright Martin Casella says he believes the issue of small equipment is one that haunts Irish men, so he wrote a play about it.

There's Irish-born Kieran from Ireland, a lawyer named Joseph from Inwood in Manhattan, Rick from Staten Island and Bronx cop Stephen.

Overseeing them all is Father Kevin Shaunnessy, a middle-aged priest who has secrets of his own.

All confess they have the "Irish curse"  — the physical shortcomings that dog them as men.

The play explores the camaraderie between them and their efforts to help new arrival Kieran from Ireland cope with his inadequacies.

Casella has written a "funny, charming play," according to The New York Post review.

Wonder what Irish guys will make of this topic?