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Ordnance Survey Ireland has launched an updated version of all their maps. As of next week, the collection of national maps online will range from 1830 to present.

Those researching their family genealogy will find this especially beneficial. The website will give viewers the possibility of juxtaposing aerial maps from 1995 and present along with older maps from the 1830s.

Speaking at the launch of the updated maps, Minister for Tourism Mary Hanafin said the maps would be critical in aiding people in finding their ancestral backgrounds.

“More and more we are going to have people visiting town lands checking where old churches are, and they are going to want good maps,” said Hanafin.

The recent launch of the Irish 1901 census and church records online is expected to attract tourist from around the world to return to their ancestral home of Ireland.

The National Archive’s of Ireland launched the 1901 census online last month and since then over 748,000 people have attempted to trace their roots. So far, the website has 64 million hits.

Following the success of the 1911 census, which has received 7.2 million inquiries to date, the 1901 census was also published.

The website containing the census information will be launched in New York on Monday and London on Friday in an effort to raise the website’s profile among the 80 million Irish Diaspora around the world.

Hanafin said “The next step is to get all those people who are looking for their roots and their families to come here.”

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Read More - 1901 Irish census published online