The day we weren't looking forward to has finally come: the biggest ever edition of the North American Irish Dancing Championships has finally come to a close, after five days of fun, dancing, and prizes.

Over 3,800 dancers competed in this year's edition of the tournament. Lisa Petri, Karen Petri and Mary Kay Heneghan were the event's head organizers.The final five prizewinners finished off the tournament by dancing the "parade of champions".

Wednesday night saw the final prizes being handed out for the day's competition. The last winner was Kate Kaneko who took the prize for the Girls U16B competition, while Allana Callaghan won the Girls U18A.

Melanie Valdes from New York won the Girls U12B, while Kelli Devlin broke down in tears after having scooped the Girls U12A prize.

Each musician received a small token of appreciation for their efforts throughout the tournament by providing the music which the almost 4,000 competitors danced to, while the founding pioneers of Irish dancing in America were also on stage to share in the moment.

Next year's tournament will be held in Nashville.