Sorry girls, but if you are looking for an Irishman chances are that he prefers to stay single.

An analysis by researchers at University College Cork of 15,000 men and women reveals that men are happiest when single.

In contrast women reported feeling much happier when they were married and has achieved parenthood. The average Irish single man is happier than his married equivalent  and more content than single Irish women the survey finds.

Lee-Ann Burke, a lecturer in economics at University College Cork , said the study contradicts other surveys showing men happier being married.

“The general consensus is that married men are happier, and are physically healthier because their wives will encourage them to go to the doctor more,” Burke said. “We don’t know why, but men’s mental health declined when they were married. It could be the stress of having a family or income pressures.”

One of those interviewed, Susan Ahern a 33-year-old from Cork said men had it easier single which is why they enjoy it.

Single men definitely have it easier than single women she told the Irish Sunday Times. “They seem to move on from one girl to next and don’t think about it,” she said. “When out with women, the topic of the conversation is always men and who they’re pining over. Men just get on with it.”

What do you think? Do single men have it easier?