Father’s day is coming up which means that now begins the annual “I-don’t-know-what-to-get-him” shopping rush.

If you’re like me, you either completely forgot that the big day was just around the corner, or you over-thought the present and are still at a loss as to what to get for the Irishman in your life. So, in no particular order, here’s a list designed to make shopping for any true Irishman easy, so you can please both him and your wallet.

Guinness apparel

Ireland’s favorite beer is sure to be appreciated by any true Irishman.  Instead of simply buying your loved one a beer that he can drink right away, why not get him apparel that he can wear anytime?

For Guinness apparel, click here

A tweed cap

If you want to zero in on his inner Irishman, a traditional Tweed cap is definitely the way to go. What’s so cool about this product is that they’re shipped straight from Ireland, so there’s no questioning the authenticity. If you want to spend a little more you can also order a tweed jacket.

A trip to Ireland

If you’ve got a flexible budget, then a trip to the Emerald Isle could be an excellent present, not only for Dad, but for the entire family! Authentic Ireland offers great packages for a variety of budgets, and while you’re there, you can check out some of Ireland’s famous walking tours.

Alternatively, if your Dad is a golf junkie, why not design the trip entirely around his favorite sport? Ireland’s world famous golf courses would please even the newest golfer. 

To learn more about Irish golfing tours, click here.

Tickets to a GAA match in Croke Park

While you’re in Ireland, try to take in a GAA match or a concert in Croke Park! Afterwards, be sure to take the time to explore central Dublin.

For walking tours, vist here.

For tickets to Croke Park, visit here.

A tour of Irish sights across America

If your budget is not as flexible, or if you don’t feel like traveling very far, discover your Irish-American roots! First, check out Irish Central’s ‘Historic Irish Places Across America.’ Then, present your Irishman with a copy of John Barnes’ book to use as “a guide to 300 sites associated with the history of the Irish in the U.S....and in Ontario and Quebec.” Together, take a road trip across America and Canada to see the sights that have left a strong, Irish mark. 

For John Barne's excellent book on the subject, click here.

A bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey

If your Irish father loves whiskey, go all out an buy him a bottle of triple-distilled, extra smooth Jameson whiskey (Scotch and American whiskies are usually only distilled twice, so be sure to get Jameson!). And when you present it to him, put in the extra effort and make him a Jameson mixed drink from one of their many recipes.

The Jameson Irish Whiskey site is here.

Personalized shamrock golf balls

If sending your father on a golf trip to Ireland isn’t an option for you, do the next best thing and bring Ireland to his golfing! You could get really creative and decorate his bag or clubs with anything Emerald Isle related, but for a quick and easy option, simply order a set of three shamrock golf balls that can be personalized with his name.

For shamrock golf balls, visit here.

A good watch

A nice, classy watch never goes out of style and can be appreciated by every culture. The Watchery offers authentic, discounted designer watches to fit almost any budget and is sure to be a never-fail, great gift for your Dad. You could even get it engraved with his name or any special Gaelic proverb.

 An Irish night out

If you want to get in some bonding time this Father’s Day, take your Dad out to an Irish pub! With this gift, he can experience most of this list all at once: Irish culture, Irish beer, Irish whiskey, and Irish food. This can fit a variety of budgets depending on where you go, but for an extra-special gift: design a map of Irish pubs in your neighborhood and, together, embark on your own personalized pub crawl!

Find out more here.