An Irish immigrant, who hosts his own radio show, has recalled the day President Reagan walked into his Irish pub in Old Town Alexandria.

Well known Irish-American, Pat Troy, originally from Co. Offaly, is the owner of Ireland's Own pub in Alexandria, Virgina. Despite playing host to well known figures such as Charlton Heston, the Kennedys, and Pope Benedict XVI over the decades, he says one of his most memorable occasions was the the day President Reagan walked into his bar in 1988.

“He had the corned beef and cabbage. He asked me what was a good beer. I didn’t want to give him Guinness. I said Harp, because it’s easy,” he told the Washington Times.

One of three brothers, Troy finished school aged 13 to take a job as a farm hand.
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“I didn’t like school. If you didn’t know it, you didn’t know it,” Troy told the Washington Times.

“I did everything on the farm. It was hard work, but I was proud of bringing home a few shillings.”

Speaking about why he immigrated to the U.S. in the summer of 1962, he said, “I was 21. I made my own decisions, I wanted to come over here, as all immigrants do and send money back to your mother.”

He says that the day he became a US citizen in 1967 was one of the most memorable days of his life.
“When that woman handed me my first American flag … that was a great feeling for me.”

Troy hosts “Pat Troy’s Irish Radio Show” which can be heard at 11 a.m. Sundays on WUST 1120-AM.

He recently launched his new book “I Have a Story to Tell”, which chronicles his adventures as an Irish immigrant in the U.S.

Well known Irish-American, Pat Troy, originally from Co. OffalyGoogle Images