8th Jul 2013 to 14th Jul 2013
Angharad Williams - @angharadw - is a journalist who lives and works in Dublin, but was raised in a small corner of North Wales by her Irish Mammy and Welsh Dad.
As a child growing up the village of Minffordd, which had a population of 300 people and one small shop, her summers were spent with her grandparents in bustling Dublin where she got to try foreign exotic foods including Club Orange, Brunch ice creams and bags of salted popcorn which were unheard of in Gwynedd. Easter holidays were spent by the sea in the West of Ireland, and she has many memories of looking at the waves from the car as the rain pelted down and her Mammy passed her sandwiches from the front seat.
There were sunny days of course, like the one where she fell into the Royal Canal, trips to Clara Lara and the mornings when she used to walk to the local pub to buy the Sunday papers for the family.
Angharad's journalism career began in London when she came across a copy of the free music magazine, M2F in a record shop. The publication was looking for writers, so she sent in a review of the Big Brovaz album Nu Flow which she won through a radio competition, and they decided to publish it. From there she became a regular contributor, interviewing artists including The Black Eyes Peas, Amy Winehouse and then quit her day job to become a freelance journalist.
During her three years in London she wrote for a number of publications, specialising in hip hop and soul music and got to meet and interview some of her favourite musicians including Common, Angie Stone, Dead Prez and Ice T.
With the decline of music publications, Angharad decided to return to education, and after spending a year working as Assistant Manager in a theatre near her family home in Wales and writing for Welsh language publications and the BBC, she headed to DIT, Dublin to do an MA in journalism.
She has written for national newspapers and magazines and after her studies she secured a position at Ireland's biggest selling women’s weekly magazine, Woman's Way.
Now based in Dublin 6, she is an active member of the Welsh community in Ireland though the Draig Werdd society, and continues to travel between Wales and Ireland on an almost monthly basis.