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As well as attending the parade and taking part in community fun with your children, here are some ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your little ones.

Plan your outfits:
Plan exactly what green outfits you're going to wear, and the crazier the better. Make hats, masks and entire outfits if need be. Go wild and have fun.

Make a green breakfast:
No, we don't mean eating broccoli and kale for breakfast. How's about Lucky Charms, or porridge with fruit?  Over breakfast talk with your children about why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and who St. Patrick was.

Read some Irish stories:
There are no better tales for children than the old myths and legends of Finn MacCool or Tir na nOg. Another literary favorite are the children's stories from Oscar Wilde including "The Happy Prince" and "The Selfish Giant.”

Treasure hunt:
This is a great idea, especially if the weather is good. Bring the kids to the park and send them on a treasure hunt to find the leprechaun's gold. Hide gold-foil covered chocolate coins in the park and send the kids on a scavenger hunt.

Stay at home and do crafts:
There are loads of ideas for St. Patrick's Day themed crafts including making shamrock potato stamps or a shamrock made out of three moss-covered paper plates. If the stamps are a success set the kids to work on decorating St. Patrick's Day cards for the family.

And of course remember to check out all the fun parades, shows and children's activities that are going on in your neighborhood this St. Patrick's Day.

Click here for IrishCentral's St. Patrick's Day section