We've compiled a list of nine of our favorite phrases Irish people use when being brutally honest.

Are there any we've missed?

"You don't know your arse from your elbow"

Meaning: You're not the most intelligent person I have met in my lifetime.

"If there was work in the bed, you'd sleep on the floor"

Meaning: You're quite lazy.

"If ye aimed for the priest you'd miss the parish"

Meaning: Your aim is very bad. You should retire from whatever sport you're playing.

"Show your father what you're wearin'!"

Meaning: I'm not sure you should go out on the town in a skirt that short.

"You're talking through your hat

Meaning: You don't seem to be fully worded in the topic you are talking about.

"I couldn't give a sh*te"

Meaning: Said thing is not high on my agenda of priorities.

"I wouldn't ride her into battle"

Meaning: She is not the prettiest girl in the world.

 "You'll be late for your own funeral"

Meaning: Your time keeping skills leave a lot to be desired.

"I will yea"

Meaning: I definitely will not go out on a date/ help you move house/ lend you €50 etc.

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* Originally published August 2015.