The Troubles podcast is a perfect starting point for those who have always wanted to learn about the era of unrest in Northern Ireland.

The Troubles were a violent and complex period of time in Northern Ireland that lasted for 30 years and spanned across multiple countries. 

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This violence took place in many forms; there were elaborate assassinations, complex bombing plots, and vicious serial killers. 

Unless you lived through it, many people don't really know about the many crimes that were carried out. There are many murders that are still not resolved today and some incidents also have drastically different accounts of what happened. 

The Troubles, 1969 (Getty Images)

The Troubles, 1969 (Getty Images)

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The Troubles Podcast, presented by someone who grew up in the Republic of Ireland, is a historical true-crime podcast that aims to explain some of the major events that took place during that time. It’s a non-partisan podcast, aiming to tell the facts and accounts of the many crimes that occurred during the period. 

Each 20-30 minute episode will focus on an incident that happened during the Troubles explaining what occurred and the aftermath in a concise and bite-sized manner. 

The first episode will deal with the assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten who was the only member of the British Royal Family to be assassinated by the IRA.

He used to spend his summers holidaying in Mullaghmore on the west coast of Ireland and it was here that the IRA planted the bomb that would make headlines all around the world.

Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1965 (Getty Images)

Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1965 (Getty Images)

Series one will consist of ten episodes, three of which are available to download right now. There will then be a new episode every second Tuesday, starting March 24th. 

You can listen to The Troubles Podcast here. It’s also available to stream online at all major podcast apps including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, CastBox, PodcastAddict and many more.

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